Sara’s enthusiasm is contagious and it’s exciting to feel like you have a partner who cares about your project as much as you do. I couldn’t have done this without her impeccable taste, organizing experience and good humor. Working with her, I felt like I had someone in my corner rooting me on.  That confidence helped me move forward with my project on my own after breaking it down into manageable steps.

We started with an extended in-home consultation that opened my eyes to all of the potential underneath this roof. The time flew and we had a blast! In the course of our conversation we identified many quick fixes that could make some of our living spaces more functional.  Surprisingly, Sara pointed out that we already had some great pieces and could arrange our rooms in a way that highlights what’s already there and optimizing the space – I love that she recommend DIY options or simple solutions, rather than asking me to purchase complex or expensive products.  This is great for budget-conscious folks like me.

Jihan A., Silver Spring


“Sara was & is AWESOME.   It is very hard for me to find people I like and feel comfortable having in my art space – I won’t even let my mom in there!  But Sara and I got along great…she wasn’t mean, or bossy.  She gave me confidence in my ability to make progress.  I feel like she was the perfect match for me… truly felt like she tailor-made the solutions she offered.”

                                                                Laura P.  Laurel, Maryland


“Sara truly does it all! I recommend Sara to friends and consider myself fortunate to have such a person available to help me get organized.”


Larry G., Maryland



I struggled alone for a long time — always felt too disorganized to call a professional organizer.  It was easy to feel comfortable with Sara and working with her has helped me make changes in the way I do things.

Now, even in a crisis, I can put my hands on the documents and materials I need without going crazy. I am much more relaxed now because I feel ready for whatever comes up.

Maria C., Maryland


I cannot say enough for Sara Wiggins and PriOrganize It.  My house, after years of accumulating books, fabric, bits and bobs of this and that and more books and fabric, was way out of control.  I had been trying to wrestle with it on my own for several months before I decided to try an organizer.

“The townhouse” has now become “my place” and I love it.  I would still be struggling with stacks and piles without PriOrganize It’s intervention. 

Anne B., Maryland


Thank you for sharing your talents with me and “working magic” in my family room (etc.) I can’t wait to move ahead!

Carolyn C., Maryland

I want to tell you how very much I appreciate your coming to help me organize my kitchen.  I feel like I am off to a great start!  I l love looking at the cabinets we finished.  It’s a good feeling to see them looking organized and less cluttered.  You are very good at what you do!  I promise to keep it going until I get through all of them.

Eileen H, Maryland


I never thought I would get so much progress from a phone conversation! Coaching and organizing with Sara made a huge difference in how I live.  She really understood the different pieces of my life and helped me organize my time and my stuff so that day-to-day life is calmer and easier.

DEM, Kansas