PriOrganize Your Life!

Organizing around your priorities means you’ll always have time and space for what’s most important.

Organizing services

Initial Assessment:

$195   1.5 – 2 hours

The Initial Assessment is an essential part of successful organizing, designed to support good communication and collaboration from the start of the organizing relationship.  That first meeting (1.5 – 2 hours) is focused on your organizing goals, experience and work style, so that all of those factors can be incorporated into the organizing plan.

The organizing plan developed during the Assessment includes an outline of actions, as well as recommendations for the purchase of organizing products, storage containers or equipment.

On-Site Organizing with one or more Professional Organizers:

Most clients find the hands-on organizing to be very satisfying and energizing, knowing that they can adjust the pace and take breaks as needed.  PriOrganize clients find that getting control of their stuff is a lot less painful than they anticipated!

On-site organizing sessions are generally 3-4 hours and longer sessions can be scheduled.  Clients who want to get their projects completed more quickly have the option to schedule additional organizing staff (Organizing Assistants), in addition to their primary Professional Organizer.

  • Professional Organizer: $75 per hour.
  • Organizing Assistants: $30-60 per hour;  Assistants are used for large or time-limited projects, and are always part of a team led by an on-site Professional Organizer.
  • Extreme Organizing: In extraordinary circumstances (excessive hauling, dirt, safety hazards) a surcharge of $20 per hour is added to the base rate until such time as the situation is resolved or cleared.  When sufficient progress has been made, the surcharge is removed and charges accrue at the base rate of $75 per hour.

Organizing Consultation:

2-hour Consultation:          $195

3-hour Organizing Consultation:      $240

This is a great chance to get answers to any and all of your organizing questions.  We can use the time to focus on one room or move through several different spaces – whatever best meets your needs.  Consultations typically focus on:

This type of appointment is often used by DIY clients who want access to organizing expertise while tackling their projects independently.  Some find consultations provide the focus and direction they need to get started, while others use consultations to solve problems and sustain momentum to finish their projects.

Services provided off site are billed at $75 per hour, including:

  • Floor plan development & creation of furniture templates
  • Research  (in store, online or by telephone) required/requested by client.
  • Procurement of organizing related products online or by telephone, except frequently used merchandise carried in stock which is billed as described below.
  • Miscellaneous errands, meetings, conference calls, phone meetings.
  • Drafting of correspondence on behalf of client.
  • Other incidental activities or tasks performed at client’s request.


Virtual Organizing

 $100/hour, scheduled in 30- to 60-minute telephone/video sessions

 Modern technology offers new ways for clients to get organizing assistance.  Using the telephone or web-based video connections, clients can get the support they need to make progress on organizing projects, such as:

  • Project planning
  • Brainstorming and problem-solving
  • Product consultations

Virtual organizing  is particularly valuable for clients who want:

  • Rapid organizing progress – guidance and support for clients who want to get things done faster
  • Budget-friendly organizing progress – a match for clients with big goals and smaller budgets;
  • Schedule-friendly organizing progress – great for clients who want to do their organizing into smaller blocks of time