Store More on the Door!

Check out these clever designs for making the most of door storage.

Jewelry organizer  (over-door or wall mount)

Find it here: – Wall-Mount Jewelery Organizer

  • 38 different hooks hold up to 300 pieces of jewelry
  • Tray with 6 compartments
  • Hooks for bracelets, necklaces, rings; mesh panel holds post and dangle earrings
  • $60


Men’s Valet  (over-door or wall mount)

Find it here: – Men’s Valet Organizer

  • 43 hooks for men’s accessories
  • Specialized storage with capacity for 69 ties, 20 belts, 4 hooks for watches/keys
  •  Store pocket change or other small items in partitioned tray
  • Stow cell phones, wallets, chargers, in 7 small bins.
  • $70


Variety Stash Multi-Pocket Organizer (over-door)

Find it here: – Variety Stash Multi-Pocket Organizer

  • 23 clear vinyl pockets of different sizes
  • Each pocket has a label holder sleeve
  • $40

Cap Storage (over-door)

Find it here: the Cover – Cap Storage


Find it here: – Cap Storage

  • 24 pockets hold caps or visors
  • bill of hat slides into contour pocket
  • clear vinyl pockets on cotton twill
  • $8-22


Pet Organizing Station (over-door or wall mount)

Find it here: – Pet Organizing Station

  •  Six generous pockets to hold toys, healthcare products, grooming
  • Two hooks for leashes
  • Two hang rods hold towels and blankets
  • $13

This article was originally published in The Chronical, An Official Publication of the Institute for Challenging Disorganization, April – May 2012 issue